Living long, robust, meaningful lives in good health [disease-free] – until our last breath.

Is this really possible?   We stated on our opening page that we help people do this.

Our answer to this question is an empathic yes. Why do we believe that this is possible? We agree with Dr. X, M.D., Oncologist Southern CA , author of the recently published book “End of Illness” that Western medicines frustrations in dealing with many of our degenerative illnesses and in particular cancer is that research and development is focused in the wrong place and is asking the wrong questions. .. because of wrong thinking.

Our thinking is the primary problem.

He says that we keep applying a germ theory perspective in our search for problems which are of an internal nature – – of the systemic nature. We keep looking for the enemy and ways of killing the enemy – – as we would as if fighting and infectious disease – – when in fact the problem with most of our illnesses is internal in nature. Requiring systemic balance – – requiring healthy nutrition, lifestyles, thoughts and feelings etc.

Rationalist versus Empirical schools of thought in Western Medicine

Historically there’ve been two schools of thought in Western medicine – – rationalist versus empirical schools.  The rationalist school focused on understanding health, disease, and the treatment of disease and analogy call fashion. It sought causes of disease and methods of treatment in a systematic and rational manner. The empirical school on the other hand held different assumptions about the ways of acquiring knowledge on health, disease and the treatment of disease. It did not look for nor seek to understand the cause of disease. It sought and develop ways and worked whether or not the practitioner understood at first why the methods worked. They recognized that their theories were always secondary to the fact that the method worked.

This empirical path is one that Dr. X is now advocating in his book and it’s the path that organizations such as “patients like me” are embracing. Some things we may never understand but we are able to control them. As we begin sharing more and more information from this approach than many of the seemingly insurmountable health issues that we’re dealing with today will become controllable.

Our Primary Focus needs to shift towards Healthing(think of health as a verb — healthing)  David Agus’s M.D. idea

Our primary focus needs to shift towards healthing– – drinking what we need to drink eating what we need to eat exercising as we need to exercise and living a lifestyle which enables healthy thoughts and feelings and attitudes most of the time. Dr. X says that we need to think of healthing as a verb because that’s what we are doing, that’s what our body is doing.

The various components of this section all lead in this direction.  Our mental and emotional gardens need to be continually cared for to ensure that our thoughts and emotions are conducive to a long robust healthy life.  This is probably the most neglected area in our overall health.  We now have processes which can bring balance and wellness into our mental emotional lives in a very effective efficient manner.  Sometimes using very familiar approaches such as counselling and sometimes using  approaches which are very new to us such as energy scanning, cleansing and energizing – up close and at a distance – non touch and sonic him.   Healthy water and super foods provide the body with the fuel it needs to provide for its energy requirements and a healthy alkaline condition.

Continue the journey as you explore these pathways.  Healthing pathways — pathways to Stop Illnessing.