Stress and Anxiety always show up first in the subtle energy field and have a consistent pattern in the energy centres (chakras).

When the patterns persist over time the impact on the emotional and mental fields tends to increase frequently resulting in mental and emotional trauma which impact life on all levels - relationships, work and peace (or not) of mind.  Stress and Anxiety tend to shut down the immune system making the body much more vulnerable to viruses, colds, diseases etc.  Eventually the physical body is impacted and issues show up first in whatever happens to be most vulnerable on the physical level. 

The subtle energy patterns noted above can be cleansed, balanced and stabilized through appropriate treatment - which you can do yourself with the proper training - or can be done by a competent practitioner.

The introductory workshop will help you understand what is happening energetically when you get stressed or have anxiety - and steps that can be taken to effectively manage it - without drugs or invasive procedures.  Also see demontration treatments.

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Everyone Welcome

 Fri. Sep 23, 2016     7 - 9pm

608 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, Canada (go to LIBRARY last building in parking lot)

  Everyone  Welcome

   Bring  your pain/discomfort to be relieved by effective healers

  •   Experience or observe effective non touch Pranic  healing
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