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Do You Qualify for a  Pain Scan and Treatment Consultation?


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Do you – or anyone you know – suffer from chronic pain?

You may have tried many remedies – possibly prescribed drugs and medication – as well as natural medicine or various therapies.

Questions: 1) Why does the pain persist?

2)The symptoms are obvious – but what are the root causes of the pain – are they bio-chemical or mental/emotional – or all of the above?

3) What are the long term side-effects of the medications you take?  (if you haven’t googled the published side-effects of the medication(s) – then do so now);

4) Is there a more effective approach to either reducing or eliminating your pain – and if so – what is it?

These are obvious questions that must be answered if improvements are to be expected.  Our scanning techniques help answer some of these questions.  Other techniques are used to go deeper into the causes.  All this information is used to help you get – better health and a much improved quality of life.

We have a good track record – not 100% - but quite good.  We know many of the factors that improve the odds of a positive outcome.  If you have a particular profile then we can tell if there is going to be a good fit with our approach and program.   That’s the purpose of the questionnaire.

If you have a “good fit” profile then we want to give you a free scan and treatment consultation.  In itself – this has considerable benefit for you.  Based on the scan and treatment consultation – we will provide several alternatives for  improving your health and lasting solutions for your health issues.  Most are aware of significant changes after this initial session.

We know that if we keep on doing the same things – we usually keep on getting the same results.  The scan and treatment consultation will give you some new options as well as vital information and insight to help make your next step on your life journey very fruitful.


Scans and Treatments are done by Marilee Goheen.  Marilee has several decades of training and treatment experience in this field.  She has trained over a thousand therapists and teachers and treated thousands of clients.

Her ability to combine a great depth of knowledge, skill and intuition in service to her clients, enable them to frequently achieve extraordinary results.

Complete the following questionnaire – submit – and you will be notified if you qualify for a  Pain Scan  and Treatment Consultation.

All information will be kept confidential.  Scans & Consultation are done online or in person in Kelowna. There is no obligation on your part for follow up treatment or programs which we offer.  It's our gift to you - if you qualify.


* You will get valuable feedback on the vitality of your physical, mental & emotional health.

* Issues and patterns can  be addressed, assessed, examined and transformed.

Your benefits of  a scan and consultation are:

• Identification of root causes of the pain. Effective long term solutions require a clear view of root causes of pain. These causes are not always obvious. Treatment which focuses on symptoms – is necessary for immediate alleviation – but long term solutions require scanning that identifies the source and causal factors of the pain.

• A multi-dimensional approach increases effectiveness and accelerates the healing process. Most of the time – pain involves not only the physical dimension, but also the mental and emotional levels. The scan and consultation take all dimensions into consideration.

• New found clarity and direction. One of the major problems coping with pain – is stress of carrying the pain, frustration caused by lack of clarity of the complexity and source of the pain – but also lack of direction and confidence in a plan. Many find the scan and consultation helpful in achieving clarity and a solution path that makes sense. This in turn reduces stress and increases hope with a sense of well being.